IT Department

…Bilişim Hukuku Departmanı

With the rapidly developing technology in our age, new commercial activity types and areas have been formed in the information technology field. In these novel commercial areas, many companies started their operations and the IT and technology field has started to play a very important role in world trade. Along with the rapidly evolving and growing IT and Tech field, new theoretical and practical areas concerning these fields have been created in the legal practice and precedent. Our firm, which closely follows the legal developments in these fields, provides legal consultancy services to its clients with its expert staff in the field of IT, Tech, and Telecommunications Law. Here are some of the services we offer in this field:

  • Following up on the most recent developments and changes in legal landscape and keeping our clients updated.
  • Providing specific legal solutions and compliance analysis in IT and Telecommunications Law.
  • Following-up on licensing, protection of intellectual property rights, and registrations.
  • In order to ensure business carry-out legally smooth business processes, conducting legal risk analysis; providing contract consultancy and legal consultancy services, and providing consultancy predominantly on disputes arising from IT Law, trademark, copyright, domain name, subsidiary relations.
  • Providing legal consultancy services and preparing the legal infrastructure for companies selling goods and offering services online.
  • Providing legal consultancy services for e-commerce and e-signature processes.
  • Preparing and filing applications before the relevant authorities.
  • Assisting our clients in software and hardware related agreements, as well as licensing agreements.
  • Assisting local and international start-up companies in their legal compliance and establishment process.
  • Providing legal assistance regarding broadcasting and IT strategies in Turkey.
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